The Journal aims to provide original in-depth investigations of both theoretical and practical questions on international arbitration and ADR. To that end, The Journal welcomes scholarly articles aiming to contribute to and advance the academic debate, as well as articles aiming to provide analysis of developments in case law, legislation, and practice in the field of dispute resolution.

The Journal covers all areas of international dispute settlement, including commercial and investment arbitration and all other modes of ADR, such as negotiation, adjudication, expert determination, and mediation. The Journal covers topics relating to both private and public law, including public international law, and welcomes articles that take a variety of approaches, including doctrinal, historical, comparative, sociolegal, philosophical, political analysis and economic analysis of the law.

The Journal is essential reading for anyone involved in dispute resolutionĀ ā€“Ā whether as judge, international arbitrator, party representative, mediator, adjudicator, corporate advisor, government official, in-house counsel, academic, or graduate/post-graduate student.

Each issue contains:

  • Academic articles with in-depth analysis of legal developments from across international ADR disciplines, including investment arbitration, commercial arbitration, mediation, adjudication, hybrid procedures and more;
  • Commentary on domestic and international cases that affect international ADR practice;
  • Papers and presentations from conferences and events around the globe; and
  • Reviews of the latest international ADR books and publications.