Survey: The State of Alternative Dispute Resolution in Kenya

The Chartered Institute of Arbitrators is carrying out a critical Research on “The State of Alternative Dispute Resolution in Kenya.” The research aims to determine the level of Accessibility, Availability & Awareness of each of the main ADR mechanisms used in Kenya.

There are 4 questionnaires; one on Arbitration, Mediation, Construction Adjudication & Traditional Dispute Resolution Mechanism to ease analysis of data on each mechanism. We therefore, kindly request you help us by participating in this survey.

To access the respective questionnaires please click the link below.

a. Construction Adjudication Questionnaire:

b. Arbitration Questionnaire:

c. Mediation Questionnaire: :

d. TDRM Questionnaire:

Please feel free to contact us on or or on +254 722 200 496

Kindly submit the questionnaires by Monday 15th November 2021.

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