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The Chartered Institute of Arbitrators (CIArb) offers world-renowned, face-to-face, virtual and online training in alternative dispute resolution (ADR) to anyone who wants to achieve a CIArb qualification in avoiding, managing and resolving disputes.

Training with us offers:

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Introduction Courses

CIArb’s Introduction to ADR course provides a solid beginner’s understanding of the various methods of dispute resolution that are alternative to court proceedings.

There are many different types of alternative dispute resolution (ADR) and the skills associated with them are highly regarded and appreciated by employers and organisations.

This course aims to give candidates:

  • A background understanding of ADR
  • An understanding of how ADR can support dispute cases
  • The ability to describe the processes and procedures of ADR
  • Eligibility to become an Associate member of CIArb (ACIArb)

The Introduction to ADR course can be taken online and also face-to-face.

Please note: CIArb Introduction courses can also be taken in domestic arbitration, international arbitration, construction adjudication and mediation but, currently, these are only available via our virtual classroom.

Upon successful completion of any introduction course and its assessment, candidates can apply to become an Associate member of CIArb.

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Pathway Course

All Pathways consists of three modules. Candidates who successfully complete Module 1 and its assessment can apply for Membership of CIArb at member level (MCIArb). Candidates who then complete Modules 2 and 3 along with their assessments and a Peer Interview, can apply for Membership of CIArb at fellow level (FCIArb).

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Professionals who have experience of domestic / international arbitration practice or construction adjudication and wish to join the membership of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators may do so by applying for either the Accelerated Route to Member or Fellow programs

Accelerated routes to Membership (MCIArb) and Fellowship (FCIArb)

  • This 3-day Accelerated Route to Membership (ARM) in Construction Adjudication, International Arbitration or Domestic Arbitration allows those with a minimum of three years of practical experience in law and some knowledge of these forms of alternative dispute resolution* to be assessed and, upon passing, have the opportunity to become a Member of CIArb (MCIArb).
  • This 5-day Accelerated Route to Fellowship (ARF) in Construction Adjudication, International Arbitration or Domestic Arbitration are for those with a minimum of 10 years of practical experience in the relevant field of ADR either as a representative or a practitioner*. On successfully completing the assessments provided, candidates can apply for peer interviews to become CIArb Fellow (FCIArb).

*If you would like to book any of these accelerated courses, or to find out more about specific entry criteria, please contact the education & programs manager on +254 722200496


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