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Young Members Group

YMG Team

The CIArb Young Members Group (YMG) is the first Special Interest Group to be launched in Kenya by the Branch Committee. The YMG targets members of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators, Kenya Branch, who are aged 40 and below. The Steering YMG Committee currently consists of members who will organize seminars, talks, social events and other functions for members of the Institute who are 40 and below for the promotion of alternative dispute resolution to younger generations of professionals in Kenya.

The activities organised by YMG include inter alia talks, seminars, structured mentorship for young members and training. This will result in better exposure to the young Kenyan Alternative Dispute Resolution practitioner in the areas of arbitration and mediation.  The group also provides a networking platform to its members both with their peers and more experienced practitioners.  The group seeks to have members of the YMG in running the main Kenyan Branch where they will give input and inject fresh ideas for the benefit of the entire membership.

For the 40 & Below

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