ADR Talk 7

On 29th Aug 2023, we had the pleasure of hosting Seema Bono from Pinsent Masons Dubai for a thought-provoking ADR Talk on ‘Securing Funding for Dispute Resolution; A case of Third party funding.’ The discussion was skillfully steered by Peter Njeru OGW, FCIArb, a partner at Kaplan and Stratton, who brought a combination of elegance, academic depth, and expertise to the proceedings. 

Seema Bono delivered an in-depth analysis of third-party funding, shedding light on its nature, operational mechanics, and associated international laws. She also discussed the contentious issues surrounding this financing method. Participants engaged actively, posing various questions that were expertly addressed by the knowledgeable duo of Peter Njeru and Seema Bono. One of the standout points was the discussion on the jurisdiction-specific nature of third-party funding and the need for legal frameworks to govern it.

We want to extend our heartfelt thanks to everyone who participated and a special shoutout to Seema Bono and Peter Njeru for making the event a resounding success.’

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