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The Law Society of Kenya especially through the LSK Nairobi Branch has been one of the closest partners of Ciarb Kenya. With over 70% of our members being members of the Law Society, there is a lot of cross cutting interest and synergy between the two organizations.

As such yesterday Ciarb Kenya; led by the chairperson Jacqueline Waihenya – Chartered Arbitrator, FCS, LLM, the VC Dr. Wyne Kenneth Hon. Mary Ang’awa and BDM Evelyne W. Kimani; hosted the council of the LSK Nairobi Branch. Helene Namisi, the Chairperson of the Branch led the delegation together with Council members Gloria Kimani and Ribin N. Ondwari who were accompanied by the Head of the Secretariat Wendy Muganda, LL.M and Simon Obiero.

Alot was discussed on how to continue promoting the interests of our respective organizations. Key among them being:

  1. Mentorship of the young lawyers through affordable capacity building opportunities and experiences in both Arbitration and Mediation.
  2. LSK Membership will continue enjoying discounted training in Arbitration with the calendar subsequently having at least 2 Special LSK members’ Arbitration training annually. Law Society of Kenya and LSK Nairobi Branch members are encouraged to take advantage of these opportunities such as the Entry course in Arbitration on 7th & 8th November.
  3. Quarterly Free ADR Sensitization Symposiums targeting Lawyers interests in ADR. To kick this off it was agreed that there will be one on Mediation Advocacy: How the Lawyers handle Mediation on the 30th October 2023 from 2.00 pm.
  4. Partnerships in our respective activities to promote our members’ interest such as the upcoming ciarb Mediation conference where Ms. Helene Namisi will be speaking; the 2nd State of ADR Research and the LSK sports Day.

Under this partnership, CIArb Kenya and LSK Nairobi branch will continue working together to best harness the advantages the respective organizations have in a bid to not only grow and promote quality ADR but provide the best service to our membership.

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