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“Hata Mnyonge ana Haki”; which loosely translates into “Even the vulnerable has rights”. This is the motto of the The Commission on Administrative Justice (Office of the Ombudsman) here in Kenya.

A commission set up to ensure that public officers are compliant with the integrity requirements demanded of them by the law. The Commission investigates improper conduct, abuse of power, maladministration and misbehavior in the public service.

In the heart of its mandate is the use of ADR and as such, the two institutions are working together to develop an MOU to ensure there is sufficient awareness, capacity and sensitization of ADR mechanisms to resolve complaints and disputes emanating from the public sector.

The chair Jacqueline Waihenya – Chartered Arbitrator, FCS, LLM together with Director Hon. Mary Ang’awa, the CEO CHEBETT KOSKE and BDM Manager Evelyne W. Kimani met with the delegation from the Ombudsman Office to discuss and align a working plan on how to institute and implement an MOU.

The Commissioner @Lucy Ndungu was joined by the Directors @Florence Mumbi, Geoffrey Obonyo, Viola Ochola and the CEO Mercy Wambua OGW

The synergy created by the two institutions will certainly ensure that the rights of the vulnerable are surely upheld as we promote efficient access to justice using such ADR mechanisms such as Negotiation, Conciliation, Mediation Arbitration and even TDRMs.

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