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Kenya Branch

We joined our sister Branch CIArb Nigeria during their annual Arbitration conference in Lagos. The Kenya Branch was able represented by a mix of its Board members as well as its membership. Jacqueline Waihenya – Chartered Arbitrator, FCS, LLM was joined by board members Dr. Wilfred Mutubwa OGW LL.D FCIArb Chartered Arbitrator, Samuel Mbiriri Nderitu, FCIArb, FMIArb, Paul Ngotho HSC, C. Arb, L.L.M, Hon. Mary Ang’awa as well as members of the branch Kamau Karori SC, MBS, C. ARB, Lilian Wanjiku Kithinji Evelyne W. Kimani Samantha Masengeli , MCIArb Akoth Aluoch, MCIArb & Kenneth Miriti, ACIB, MCIArb.
The event started with the CIArb UK (Nigeria) YMG conference where both Evelyne W. Kimani and Samantha Masengeli , MCIArb participated in a debate on AI as the fourth Arbitrator, exploring the threats and opportunities to be had by incorporating AI in Arbitration practice.

The chairman Jacqueline Waihenya – Chartered Arbitrator, joined a panel on analyzing the influence the UNCITRAL model law has had in Arbitration Framework in the various jurisdictions in Africa and considering whether it is time for change. Having done the assessment it was agreed that the harmony that UNCITRAL model law has inspired across various jurisdictions has been more of an advantage and the practice of Arbitration has grown as a result, inspiring the conclusion that you cannot change that which is not broken.

After that Paul Ngotho HSC, C. Arb, L.L.M together with Kamau Karori SC, MBS, C. ARB as part of the panel discussion looked at affirmative action as a tool for improved participation of Africans in International Arbitration. Key takeaway from Paul’s presentation alluded to the aspect of diversity and the various parameters that the question of diversity can be addressed. That it is not just diversity based on race as Africans but parameters around age, gender as well as professional diversity as to include non lawyers such as himself.

Kamau Karori SC, MBS, C. ARB on the other hand challenged the delegates that it is up to Africans to inspire the change, be its own advocate, use existing Arbitral institutions across Africa to get Arbitrators as opposed to Western preferences where competences and expertise exist in the continent. He indicated as Africans, we have the greatest responsibility to take up affirmative action in promoting participation of Africans in International Arbitration.

Dr. Wilfred Mutubwa OGW LL.D FCIArb Chartered Arbitrator was also present and took part in discussing the session on Strengthening Ethics in Arbitration in Africa where he delved into the practical aspects of Ethics in Arbitration.

We thank our hosts Chief Gbola Akinola, SAN the Ciarb Nigeria Branch Chairman and his entire Branch committee, the Conference Planning Committee led by the chairman Prof. ‘Wale Olawoyin, SAN FCIArb, the Secretariat, session coordinators and everyone who took time to make the conference a success and our stay in Lagos a pleasant experience.

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