The Nairobi Arbitration Week Event

The Nairobi Centre for International Arbitration (NCIA) organized “The Nairobi Arbitration Week” which showcased a blend of topics ranging from the role of women in ADR and the future of construction disputes to the complexities of arbitral awards and the influence of AI in arbitration. Discussions highlighted Nairobi’s potential as an arbitration hub, the significance of Third Party Funding, and ethical considerations in the field. Overall, the event was a rich tapestry of insights, debates, and forward-thinking discussions, underscoring the evolving landscape of arbitration. In essence, the Nairobi Arbitration Week was a profound amalgamation of debates, discussions, and deliberations that catered to the contemporary challenges and opportunities in the arbitration sector.

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New Fellows

The Ciarb Kenya Branch had the privilege of training the judges of the Supreme Court in Arbitration this past year including the President of the Supreme Court, Hon the Chief

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